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Marketing For A Fast-Food Restaurant [Case Study]

The Chickster, launched its first outlet in December 2020 to give heads on competition to the world-famous brand KFC with its fried chicken and extraordinary services to attract the non-vegetarian lovers of Pune City.

A brand like The Chickster required a proven marketing strategy that could help lure the customers in. To make this possible, our team devised a phenomenal digital solution so Chickster could penetrate an already saturated restaurant market.


  1. No Online Presence

  2. No Sales

  3. No presence on aggregators like Swiggy Zomato

  4. No Social Media Accounts

  5. 0 buzz in the market

The Marketing Strategy

In order to capture and win the minds of customers, we created a well-constructed brand strategy. Since The Chicksters was throwing its hat in the ring with a goal of developing a strong position in the food industry; a strong online presence and eventually conversions from the organic and paid engagement, it was essential to establish an image of our client right from the beginning.

What did we do?

  1. Social Media Management

  2. Reputation Management

  3. Offline Marketing Strategy

  4. Boosting sales on aggregators


With our proven marketing process, not only did our client measurably improve its bottom line but was also able to affirm its position in the market. By forging a partnership with us, The Chicksters' marketing results have been phenomenal.

Bonus Tip:

As a bonus for you all, we are also attaching the second month's performance report to this blog.

Chickster Report (jan)
Download PDF • 6.76MB

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