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Content Creation for the biggest Food Company in India - Zomato

When Zomato came looking for a reliable and a scalable model to produce videos at a mass scale, we knew we could help! (July 2022)

Zomato's new feature - Zomato pay and Vibecheck launched not so long ago. A fantastic option for customers to pay their bills via the app & also, allowed them to check out the "VIBE" of the restaurant on the app itself. Vibecheck feature allowed restaurant owners to connect their Instagram and Zomato app to showcase video content. The Team started out with a completlely blank state as this was a feature never launched in India before and the project came with its own unique challenges starting from training the creators to communicating with the restaurant owners. Our attempt to organize it wholly under one roof, hence, the strategy has to be full-proof.

The first ever pilot was run in Hyderabad where our company worked with multiple content creators to shoot content for the app at multiple restaurants. After seeing positive results, the project soon scaled to 12 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Jaipur.

Our team at The Marketing Co, overlooked the entire hiring process of creators, training them, reviewing their work and delivering high quality video content to Zomato. The entire project execution was handled end-to-end in order to allow the Zomato team to focus on other important tasks related to the launch.

We've developed a strong network of content creators relating to the niche of food, lifestyle and travel that are not just great at what they do but also understand the requirement of each brand they work with.

A highly talented pool of creators worked enthusiastically for the project and executing the entire project was a great learning experience

Project Highlights

  • A fully loaded training deck & online workshops for creators.

  • Delivering up-to 500+ videos/week

  • Working with over 100+ creators from 12 locations

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