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How a cloud kitchen quadrupled its sales within a month without spending heftily on marketing

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

An entrepreneur from Bangalore started his Cloud Kitchen called Bheemavarma Biryani with high hopes. Quitting his 9-5 job to take up the journey of becoming an entrepreneur isn't an easy one... we all know how the reality hits when we don't see the market responding the way its supposed to our product.


Menu not optimized for sales

Poor brand hygiene on aggregators and social media

No marketing strategy in place

Doing 1-2 orders/day

We started working with Bheemavarma Biryani towards the end of January 2022 when the sales were so low, the business was not even at break even.


We started working in the second week of February and our client decided to opt for our "Done-With-You" marketing service where he was provided with a 360-degree restaurant sales marketing consultation.

Following are the areas we worked on:

Menu optimization

Aggregators Consulting

Strategy for increasing order value

Strategy for retaining customers

Social Media Marketing

Data-Driven Decisions

Here's the screenshot of how sales were looking in February. No significant improvement from the last month. We, however, were working to make sure our menu is properly engineered, our foundations are strong & building our USP.

Our experience has repeatedly shown us that spending on marketing should not begin unless our foundations, brand hygiene, and menu are in place. If you wish to get the best results from your marketing efforts, make sure the foundations are strong.


The results were breathtaking. I still remember the first call of our 2nd month together where client told us how he made Rs 11,000 the previous day. In a matter of hardly a few weeks, the sales quadrupled. Here's the proof

PS: Sales data is only till 23rd March. 7 days still to go for the month!

Orders Growth

January - 101
February - 133
March - 401

A word from our client

"I am happy with everything, only thing is because of my tight schedule I am unable to provide you with the data you ask for promptly on time. As discussed, once you start taking control of metrics and data monitoring and take a more hands-on role, things will be further optimized.

Working with a thorough professional like you is transformative for our business and we are starting to see a shift already and looking forward to much more"

Liked what you read? Why not get in touch with us and let us walk you through the entire process of how we do it. The first consultation call with us is absolutely free of cost.

Get in touch today & get started with our proven process.

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