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[Case Study] The Burger Company

About the brand

The Burger Company is a well-known burger chain in India. When they started working with us, they wanted to achieve below mentioned goals:

1. Creative content planning for Social Media for engaging existing customers

2. Wanting to build a strong social media presence to gain trust of their potential investors as the end goal was to have a nation-wide franchise presence.


1. Full management of their social media platforms, creative strategies and constant promotion using ads over the span of 6 months.

2. Making sure all product launches were spectacular and reached a wider number of audience with the help of paid promotions and videos.

Was client expectation met?

"Outstanding work, the work we've been doing recently is surpassing our expectations and we've started to match the quality of some of the most extremely big brands of the industry. Kudos to the team!" - Neelam, Founder

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