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[Case Study] Allam Vellulli & Podi Pacchadi

About the client

Allam Vellulli and Podi Pacchadi are two brands operating from the same kitchen that started their operations in October 2021. They offer authentic Andhra cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Activities performed to kickstart their business

  1. Rigorous Social Media Campaigns and Contests

  2. Regular Online Ad Promotions reaching hundreds of people residing in the neighborhood daily

  3. Multiple Offline Promotions During the month

  4. Influencers Campaigns

  5. Food Aggregator Reviews

  6. Daily Stories & Daily Reels Videos


Revenue shot up to 4 lacs per month within 2 months of launch with online orders contributing to over 30%-35% revenue approximately.

Key Takeaways:

1. USP: For any restaurant it’s crucial to identify a USP and especially during the initial months of the launch, very religiously dedicate your heart & soul into marketing your brand.

2. Innovation & Experimentation: Allam Vellulli still has a long way to go but this case study makes us understand the importance of always innovating and reaching the customer from all directions.

3. Aggregators is not the only way to fetch orders for your business

If you need a road map to your restaurant’s success, contact me and get a customized plan for the next 90 days. It’s time to 2X your sales. What are you waiting for?

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