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[Case Study] Nayaab Biryani, Mumbai


  1. Newly Launched Brand:

Promoting a newly launched delivery only kitchen has become much more complicated in the past few years. Nayaab Biryani faced a similar issue and wanted a strategic approach towards establishing and positioning their brand in the market where people have a dizzying array of possible options

  1. Digital Marketing: Nayaab Biryani required help navigating the digital space and wanted to build a strong digital presence.

  2. Direct Orders: The end goal of any delivery kitchen is generating business and revenue. Strategies were needed to compel people to start ordering from the new brand called Nayaab Biryani.


1. Digital positioning of brand with social media

The social media pages of Nayaab Biryani portrayed Royalty, Authenticity and Quality. We were able to build an exceptional presence of the brand and attracted a large number of audience.

2. Exclusive offers for Digital Media

With EID coming up, we knew this is the best opportunity to cash in. Launching a campaign to sell high order value deals was on our mind and that’s what we did. After curating an appetizing menu, we strategically planned a facebook ads campaign and promoted the offer. The campaign gained lots of traction and we were able to generate lots of orders within the first month itself.

We believe in celebrating our milestones together. It is truly an experience to remember when you reach unexpected sales goals within the first month of your launch!

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