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[Case Study] Punjab Regiment, Cloud Kitchen

About the brand

Punjab Regiment, a cloud kitchen located in West Delhi. Launched right after the first outbreak of covid-19, has battled through the waves of the lockdown. Brand was heavily promoted with the help of YouTube bloggers receiving lakhs of views but seemed to struggle after a few weeks due to covid restrictions & fear in public. Let’s study how the brand battled with uncertainty and inconsistency.


  1. Unable to promote in a cost effective way

  2. Experiencing highs and lows in sales i.e Inconsistency & Unpredictability

  3. Decreasing Orders due to impact of COVID and tough competition in the market


Starting with the basics

Before getting started with the marketing, it's always wise to ensure our base is strong. We wanted to be sure that our strategy will bring us sustainable results. So we decided to start our analysis from the bottom.

After doing a detailed research on competitors and our own menu… we realized we will have to make our brand give an edge over the local brands that already had a strong hold of the market.

We developed a sales strategy like no other.. All our prices were revised keeping in mind the commission, discount, our profit margins & the pricing of our competitors.

Will you believe me if I tell you that within a day or two we started getting orders between the range of Rs. 600- Rs. 1500?

It is truly a fulfilling experience to transform brands. Check out the screenshots shared by the client below

Packaging and Branding

Packaging is one of your lifelines as a cloud kitchen brand. If you do not invest in your packaging, you will fail to leave an everlasting impression on your customers that could make them see you as a high value restaurant brand. Packaging and branding can also play an important role in our retention strategy where we make sure customer orders from us again and again.

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