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[Case Study] Prinsep 21, Noida

Prinsep 21 is a cloud kitchen operating in Noida, serving authentic biryani and Bengali cuisine. Biryani is an easy find but delicious Bengali food isn’t. The biggest learning for us in this case is the fact that Prinsep 21 didn’t have a usual menu.. Their menu was targeted towards a niche. People who needed Bengali food.

Always remember, if you plan to serve everybody… you might not be able to sell to anybody.


Prinsep 21 did not struggle with sales too much as it was doing pretty well but thriving businesses have a quality of seeking for more. The end goal was to

  1. Push the revenue over 10 lacs / month from 5-6 lacs / month.

  2. Increasing the number of orders

  3. Increasing the average transaction value of every order.


Upon doing the competitive analysis, we realized that there were 4 other brands in Noida serving the same Bengali cuisine… but luckily our brand was loved the most. Revenue wise, menu wise and reputation wise there was no one we considered a closed competitor. So what more could we do? What could we do to achieve the above mentioned goals?


  1. Revamping our food experience for customers at home by introducing “BHOJERA BAKSA- Bengali Buffet Experience at home” Our idea not only allowed customers to experience an unforgettable kind-sized Bengali meal that they could enjoy with their friends and family but also made us stand out from the crowd. Our average order value increased as our Baksa was priced within the range Rs 1800 - Rs 2200. Indeed, a win-win situation.

2. Revamping our packaging and delivery process: The only contact we have with the customer while being a delivery only outlet is through our packaging and our delivery process. If you do not plan your packaging and think long term, you may end up losing out on a significant amount of brand awareness & money. It took us a lot of weeks to finalise our new packaging but once it was done… we realised it was totally worth the wait and effort. You may check out the pictures below. There was another element we added to the delivery process but that is not to be disclosed here. (If you wish to know what it was, simply book a call with me here and I’ll tell you)

  1. Promotion, reviews, influencers

Our services also included covering all festivities promotion, price analysis, competitive analysis, product analysis, promoting direct delivery and of course, end-to end aggregator marketing.


No. of orders more than doubled within the span of 90 days. Don’t believe us? Check the screenshots below. And here, I’m not even including their sales on other platforms.

Aggregators are the lifeline for any delivery-only kitchen but there are alot of things to be taken care of.. Do you want to expand your business and think about the future growth plans or just be stuck all day thinking about where the next order is gonna come from?

Stick to the proven way of growth and you WILL grow! Why not chat with me today and discuss how exciting things can be for your cloud kitchen? Click here.

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